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Top Finance Podcasts, Resources & Blogs 2024

At Mortgage Choice, we’re passionate about education and getting you in touch with industry professionals. Take a look at our picks for the top blogs, podcasts, and apps in finance!

Top Blogs for Property Investing

  1. Money MagazineMoney is Australia’s longest-running, highest-selling and most-read personal finance magazine. Money Magazine has been operating since 1999 and it’s website provides insights and current news updates on shares, property investing, super and more.
  2. Bluewealth Property Bluewealth has a proven track record in using research to identify growth markets and continue to develop resources to support clients over the term of their investing life.
  3. Michael Yardney’s Property UpdateMichael Yardney’s Property Update is a great resource hub for any potential investors. Publishing a range of articles daily to provide you with tips and strategies from Australia’s leading experts in the fields of property, finance, tax, money, wealth creation and success.
  4. Your Investment Property MagazineYour Investment Property is an online magazine, providing property data, independent commentary and thoroughly-researched articles about all aspects of investing in property in Australia and abroad.
  5. Roger MontgomeryFounded in 2010, Roger Montgomery’s blog offers news and insight on a suite of investment topics including emerging markets, property investing, stocks, manufacturing, and many more.
  6. FinancyFinancy is a provider of gendered data insights that leads to strategic communications and content. Financy’s purpose is to inform and empower women and girls to be financially fearless and to support action-taking by individuals, business and government towards economic gender equality.Financy is also the publisher of the Women’s Index, an economic progress measurement of women towards financial equality in Australia.

Top Blogs for Managing your Money

  1. Strong Money Australia – provides you with blog posts on managing your finances with the focus of reaching Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). Founded by Dave, who has retired at the age of 28, who shares his story and provides ideas and long term strategies that help create financial independence.
  2. Really Simple Money You want to save or make more money? Really Simple Money is the site that shows you how with easy-to-follow content and some cool new tools that can turn your path to financial control into fun.
  3. Get Money Wise is a blog that aims to create a community of like minded people who have the common goal of reaching Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE). Get Money Wise uses resources, recommendations and advice to help you understand your money goals and how to achieve them.
  4. MoneySmart Brought to you by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), MoneySmart is an online blog providing tools and resources to all Australians looking to improve their financial well being. MoneySmart provides help on all major financial goals including, managing your money, reducing your debt, planning for your future, growing your wealth and even providing teaching resources.

Top Personal Finance Apps

  1. ATO App The ATO app makes it easier for you to conduct your tax and super on the go. If you’re an individual taxpayer, small business owner or self-managed super fund trustee, you can access relevant tax and super information and tools in one place.
  2. Frollo At Frollo we’re on a quest to help people feel good about money. Our money manager app is the simplest way to stay on top of your finances. Link your financial accounts and see them all in one place, get smart money insights and use our budgeting & goal setting tools to achieve your financial goals.
  3. PocketbookPocketbook is Australia’s largest personal finance app management app and aims to empower everyday people by helping them save and spend smarter. Pocketbook allows you to bring all your accounts together to track your money in one place and is designed to make budgeting simple and easy.
  4. GoodBudget Goodbudget is a digital budget tracker based on the envelope budget system. This virtual budget program allows you to sync and share budget with family and friends to stay on track to help you save for big expenses or plan your budget to pay off debt.
  5. SplitwiseSplitwise makes it easy to split bills with your family and friends. The app allows you to organise your shared expenses in one place, so everyone can see what they owe. Whether you are sharing a weekend away, splitting rent with roommates, or paying someone back for lunch, Splitwise can be used to organise our shared expenses in one place.

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While all these resources are great for getting your finances in the right place and building your knowledge and financial wellbeing, when it comes to home loans, receiving expert advice from a Mortgage Broker Sydney is always valuable as they can discuss your unique situation and ensure they find a deal that is right for you.