Making an Offer on a Property

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once you want to make an offer on a property, it is important that you know

  • You are pre-approved
  • Finance date, if the property is selling under private treaty try and negotiate a 10 day cooling off period
  • Make you offer subject to finance approval, satisfactory contract review and searches (if you haven’t already done so)
  • Deposit – you will be required to normally pay a 5-10% deposit, do you have the cash ready? Or a deposit bond.

Once your offer is accepted

  • important that you sign the contract and pay a holding deposit pretty quickly. Most commonly your holding deposit is non-refunable if you pull out of the transaction during the cooling off period, however, gives you excludive access to the property during the cooling off period.
  • Let us know, we need to organise full approval for you. Provide us a copy of the contract and any other documents we require ASAP to ensure no delays.